“If you suffer from depression or anxiety, I can help you. Practicing psychotherapy for over 25 years, I bring a wealth of experience & training to my clients.  I design a treatment specifically for you using traditional and modern methods to resolve your problems. I specialize in child, adolescent, adult, couple, and family therapy.”

Panic attacks, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and addictions can be mastered so that you take charge of your life again.

Dysfunctional relationships, including couple and family issues, can be changed by consulting an objective, highly trained, experienced professional.

Depression, loss, and anxiety can be treated through psychotherapy so that serenity enters your life.


A Caring Therapist: Marcia Simon

10 Millwood, Mill Valley, CA 94941
tele & fax 415-332-6567

Marriage & Family Therapist.  Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Education: University of Hawaii Graduate School
                         University of California, Berkeley, BA, MSW